RNA Redesign Server

This resource utilizes fixed-backbone design to optimize the primary sequence of a RNA to match a desired backbone, in analogy to fundamental tools that have driven major advances in protein engineering. In addition to use in designing new RNA folds, this approach can elucidate the sequence preferences that differ between the natural RNA sequences the low energy models predicted by Rosetta. These differences can suggest functional constraints besides folding stability exist for natural sequences, such as binding of protein partners or conformation switches. Furthermore, our server can assist researchers in stabilizing specific 3D RNA motifs, as we have demonstrated in prior publications, and to explore optimization of sequence to aid crystallization.


Users of the server are anonymized. Please note that input data and result on the servers are not encrypted by sessions, thus anyone with the job ID may download a particular result within expiration (6 months).


Please cite use of RNA-Redesign Server with:

Yesselman, J. D., Das, R. (2015). RNA-Redesign: a web server for fixed-backbone 3D design of RNA. Nucleic Acids Research. http://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkv465


Joseph Yesselman